“Your body is the temple, your senses are the gateways and your heart is the key..”
Tantra and tantric massage for men, women and couples in the Bay Area.


Leela is one of the best Tantra Practitioners in the Bay Area. Highly skilled in the arts of Sacred Sensuality, Sensual Healing and Ecstatic Bodywork. You will be in the most caring and loving hands.
Exploring Tantra will open your senses, heighten your sensitivity and sensual awareness while guiding you to a deeper place of confidence within yourself. Waves Tantra can help you find a deeper connection with yourself and with your Partner and can help you to create a more fulfilling and exiting sex life.


Waves Tantra combines ancient methods and tantric teachings with a modern approach to healing our sensuality, our body, our spirit and our relationships.

While acceptance is the first step it certainly is not the last. Once we have reconnected with our own sensual energy, we can begin to play and cultivate the way it moves through us. Often times that phenomena is experienced as “Waves of Bliss” running through your body. Others may describe their experience with Tantra as “Riding the Waves”, riding the waves of your sensual energy.

In order to evoke and cultivate these waves of energy we use the ancient wisdom of the seven chakras, the seven energy centers that run along your spine.

Your kundalini energy lays dormant at the base of your sacrum until awakened. Once awakened, it curls up your spine and through your chakras moving upward, opening and cleansing your energy centers (chakras).


Born and raised in Germany, my adventurous sprit has guided me around the world to learn many skills. Some unusual, some seemingly mundane.

I spent my twenties studying meditation and body oriented therapies in an ashram in India. I also enjoyed a training in Rebalancing Massage, Shiatsu, Counseling and Neo Tantra. Other studies were based on the teachings of Gustav Jung, Wilhelm Reich and Leonard Orr and included Rebirthing, Energy & Chakra Work, Emotional Release and Body Energy Reading.
All of the above and life as the greatest teacher itself has guided me to arrive where I am today, an Artisan of the Sensual Arts and honored to be of service. My most important skill maybe to be simply present, open and intuitive.

I have worked independently as a Sensual Artisan and Tantrika for the last 8 years in the Bay Area, in Marin . Drawing from my education and experience with many individual seekers and couples over the years, I have developed my own understanding and flavor of Tantra, Waves Tantra.

I am also a lover of the creative Arts, music being one of my greatest passion….

I look forward to hearing from you!

~Leela Grace


Our first meeting will begin with us sitting together, getting to know each other a little and finding out your individual needs, desires and intentions.

We also begin every following session with a sharing to see where you are at and how we best continue your journey. I don’t offer fixed packages of sessions. To me everybody is unique and I try to design every session just for you and together with you.

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Waves individual / Couple sessions, White Tantra and Red Tantra

Wave sessions can be experienced as an individual or as a couple.
White Tantra is the exploration of the individual, opening yourself to allow energy and spirit to flow through you freely and fully.
Red Tantra is when two or more people open up to each other, explore and exchange energy on all levels of their beings.

Individual Sessions / White Tantra

Whether you are currently in a relationship or not, you may want to explore Tantra by your self. I enjoy working with men and women.

More About Individual Sessions

Waves Tantra for Individuals/ White Tantra

  • You will learn about your own sensual energy and how to ride the waves of bliss.
  • You will deepen your own experience of sensuality
  • Build confidence
  • Overcome and heal issues with your own sensuality
  • Heal and overcome sensual trauma
  • Experience a state of relaxation, awareness and intense ecstasy. You may experience those sensations simultaneously or learn how they can go hand in hand.
  • Move away form goal oriented thinking and enjoy riding the valleys and peaks of your own sensual energy

Individual session rates are:
60 minutes 240
75 minutes 290
90 minutes 340
120 minutes 450
For a first session, 90 – 120 minutes is recommended.


Couples Sessions / Red Tantra
In all my time wandering around this precious planet, I have never come across a couple that did not have to face challenges in their relationship at some point in time. And quite often, those challenges develop around the couple’s sex life.
There may be issues of an emotional nature, or issues of insufficient communication or simply getting absorbed in being parents and being ever so busy keeping up with our hectic modern lives. But any issues will have a great effect on your love life and with that a new set of issues will arise, or a greater sense of disconnect.

More About Couples Sessions

Waves Tantra for Couples/ Red Tantra

It may also be that the passion simply slips out the back door….. sensuality slowly diminishes and /or disappears from your relationship and you become a well functioning partnership rather than adoring lovers. I can’t recall how often I heard something along the lines of “ We love each other dearly, but we just don’t have sex anymore”.
For many generations, sex or sensuality has not been dealt with openly. Our society has woven a veil of shame, guilt and inadequacy around this most vital part of life. It is rarely talked about openly and there are very few places where one can find some guidance or education on The Art of Sensuality.
It is my honor and heartfelt passion to offer my wisdom, skills and insights to couples that wish to:
• Find a more conscious and deeper way of connecting with each other.
• Overcome sensual disconnect in their partnership.
• Overcome physical, mental or emotional blocks that prevent them form connecting deeply with each other.
• Discover greater heights of sensual delight and ecstasy.

Couple sessions can be:

Any issue you wish to bring to light can be shared and explored.
This sort of session is purely verbal and is most times followed up by a body oriented, somatic session; but not necessarily.
Private Tantra Coaching
We create a space in which both of you can open up sensuality. Depending on where you are at, I will offer techniques that will help you both to open up and experience Tantric Sensuality
Private Tantric Massage lessons
Yoni and Lingam massage are wonderful and powerful aspects of the Tantric practice. We can set up a series of private massage lessons. Practicing Tantric massage with each other may be one of the best things you can do to cultivate your relationship and love-life.
Tantric Intensive
We may spend a day or a weekend with each other.
This maybe take place at he comfort of your own home or while on vacation. Daily rates are $950.00 and include 6 – 8 hours of Tantric Teachings and exercises as well as Individual Coaching and counseling.
We can discuss the option of traveling. We may plan a luscious few days in a magical setting of your choice, such as Hawaii…. Or the Caribbean. A private Tantra Retreat for you and your beloved.
All travel expenses must be covered as well as my daily rate.

Couple session rates are:
90 minutes 380
120 minutes 500
180 minutes 700

Small Couple Groups
If you have a few friends that you would like to share this life changing experience with we can talk about the option of getting all of you together in a small group for either a day or weekend retreat; or for a luscious Tantric Vacation Retreat to a destination of your choice. The possibilities are endless.
Rates depend on the length of the gathering and on the number of couples involved.




This is a private Gallery.
Please contact me to inquire about access to the Gallery.


My Studio is located in beautiful Marin County, just a heartbeat from the Golden Gate Bridge. Easy to reach from San Francisco and the North Bay, East Bay or Sonoma County.
Please call me at 415-729-9332
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to set up an appointment or submit the contact form below to schedule a 15 min free phone consultation. Thank You.

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