Our first meeting will begin with us sitting together, getting to know each other a little and finding out your individual needs, desires and intentions.

We also begin every following session with a sharing to see where you are at and how we best continue your journey. I don’t offer fixed packages of sessions. To me everybody is unique and I try to design every session just for you and together with you.

Waves Tantric Body Work

I weave elements of massage, Taoist Sensual Massage and Tantric Energy work into a profound and wonderful experience for you that will take you to new levels of relaxation and ecstasy.
I see sensual energy as your basic life force. It is after all the energy that re-creates all life, and surely it is your very own life force. Experiencing orgasm is much like a fountain of clear water rushing over and through you, cleansing and rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit. For that energy to flow freely, it helps to loosen up and open the body. So a deep and loving massage may just intensify your experience.
The difference however to a “normal” or common massage is the quality in the touch you receive. My touch is as sweet, loving and accepting as can be. My hands are an extension of my heart, always.
We will enjoy the dance between relaxation and arousal. Introducing a more expanded sensuality to your body and the insight that relaxation and arousal can exist at the same moment, occupy the same body. You will ride the waves of bliss all the way to the stars….
This is also great if you simply need to unwind, let go of some crazy life stress, drop from your head into your body. Your body is where your spirit resides after all….

A first session should be at least 90 minutes. Following sessions can be 60 minutes or longer.

Waves Energy Work

Breath Work and Chakra Exploration

In this session we will include energy work, breath work and chakra exploration into the above described Waves Tantric Body work session.

Our modern educational system will teach you anything you want to know about the outside world. You can study the biology of insects or learn about the mysteries of the solar system. But who will teach you about the workings of your own inner universe?
In this session, I will introduce you to the map of your inner world, your subtle energy body (your 7 chakras). Once again your sensual energy is the very base of that energy. Sensual energy can be very localized in your genitalia or you can learn how to direct that very energy to spread and rise upwards. You may learn to ride the waves of your own energy rather that letting it ride you. Tantra is a lot like surfing, surfing the waves of life if you will.

Waves Energy Exploration/ Exploration of Energy Blocks

All theory is great, It all sounds amazing…. But um, oh something is in the way? You are human after all. So we have all these wonderful theories about body energies, rising up twirling around and doing all sorts of things. But sometimes we block our own ecstatic energy, for all sorts of reasons. We are brought up to be in control, to be analytical, to be shameful or reserved. Those believes manifest in your emotional body as blockage. Well, they also manifest in your physical body as blockage. After all, the body is an expression of your mind and emotions. Your physical appearance is an expression of who you are and to some extend who you think you should be.
If you sense any sort of blockage within yourself when it comes to your sensuality, I invite you to acknowledge this and take a look. With compassion, with love, patience and understanding we can melt away just about anything.

Waves Tantra and the Art of Connecting

This session is for anybody that has had some experience with Tantra.
Your body is the temple, your senses are the gateway and your heart is the key. And then your heart becomes the temple itself…. your heart is the sweetest place on earth, paradise lies within. Yet we often need the other to find our own heart.
Tantra offers a different way of connecting with your beloved. And in this type of session we will focus on just that.

Tantra is the journey that will lead you to the same place over and over again. Yet, the experience is different every time.
Forget about the destination, enjoy the ride.
The deeper we dive into Tantra the easier it becomes to play with our energies and guide them upwards along the spine. Once you are the master of your own universe, connecting with a partner takes on a whole other dimension. You may feel a sense of connection that you have always missed.
Tantra is many thousand years old. So it is good to bring a bit of patience if you would like to explore this path.

All sessions can be experienced as individuals, couples or in small groups. More info on individual, couple and small group sessions on this page….

Suggested Contribution for individual sessions:

75 minutes $400
90 minutes $450
120 minutes $580
150 minutes $720
180 minutes $850
(For a first session, 90 – 180 minutes is recommended)