About Waves Sessions
All the sessions can be experiences as an individual or as a couple. White Tantra is the exploration of the individual, opening yourself to allow energy and spirit to flow through you freely and fully. Red Tantra is when two or more people open up to each other, explore and exchange energy on all levels of their beings.

Waves Tantra for Individuals/ White Tantra

  • You will learn about your own sensual energy and how to ride the waves of bliss.
  • You will deepen your own experience of sensuality
  • Build confidence
  • Overcome and heal issues with your own sensuality
  • Heal and overcome sensual trauma
  • Experience a state of relaxation, awareness and intense ecstasy. You may experience those sensations simultaneously or learn how they can go hand in hand.
  • Move away form goal oriented thinking and enjoy riding the valleys and peaks of your own sensual energy

Individual session rates are:
75 minutes $400
90 minutes $450
120 minutes $580
150 minutes $720
180 minutes $850
(For a first session, 90 – 180 minutes is recommended)


Waves Tantra for Couples/ Red Tantra

Maybe you have been together only for a short time and want to explore the world of Tantra as a couple or maybe you have been in a relationship for many years, sharing many responsibilities and would like to re-connect with each other sensually. Maybe you would simply like to expand into new horizons and experience and share a deeper joy, pleasure and fulfillment with each other. The world of Tantra has so much to offer for couples who seeks to enrich their sensual and sex life and ultimately the relationship with yourself and each other.

For many generations, sex or sensuality has not been dealt with openly. Our society has woven a veil of shame, guilt and inadequacy around this most vital part of life. It is rarely talked about openly and there are very few places where one can find some guidance or education on The Art of Sensuality. It is my honor and heartfelt passion to offer my wisdom, skills and insights to couples that wish to:

  • Find a more conscious and deeper way of connecting with each other.
  • Overcome sensual disconnect in their partnership.
  • Overcome physical, mental or emotional blocks that prevent them form connecting deeply with each other.
  • Discover greater heights of sensual delight and ecstasy.
  • Re-ignite your love life and find new ways to connect.
  • Learn to Give and Receive more fully.

Couple sessions may consist of:

Any issue you wish to bring to light can be shared and explored. This sort of session is purely verbal and is most times followed up by a body oriented, somatic session; but not necessarily.

Private Tantra Coaching
We create a space in which both of you can open up sensuality. Depending on where you are at, I will offer techniques that will help you both to open up and experience Tantric Sensuality.

Private Tantric Massage lessons
Yoni and Lingam massage are wonderful and powerful aspects of the Tantric practice. We can set up a series of private massage lessons. Practicing Tantric massage with each other may be one of the best things you can do to cultivate your relationship and love-life.

Tantric Intensive
We may spend a day or a weekend with each other. This maybe take place at he comfort of your own home or while on vacation. Daily rates range from $950.00 to $1600.00 and include 5 – 8 hours of Tantric Teachings and exercises as well as Individual Coaching and counseling.

We can discuss the option of traveling. We may plan a luscious few days in a magical setting of your choice, such as Hawaii…. Or the Caribbean. A private Tantra Retreat for you and your beloved.

All travel expenses must be covered as well as my daily rate.

Couple session rates are:
90 minutes $540
120 minutes $700
150 minutes $880
180 minutes $990

Small Couple Groups
If you have a few friends that you would like to share this life changing experience with we can talk about the option of getting all of you together in a small group for either a day or weekend retreat; or for a luscious Tantric Vacation Retreat to a destination of your choice. The possibilities are endless.
Rates depend on the length of the gathering and on the number of couples involved.


Tantra Coaching on Zoom

You may be half way around the world, but we can connect via zoom or any other medium of your choice.
This session is ideal if you are seeking guidance and counseling regarding your sensual energy and/or your relationships.

If appropriate, I may also share specific meditations and exercises with you, tailored to you and your needs.

  • Open up and share about yourself and your sensuality in a safe and trusted environment
  • Explore and bring light (consciousness and understanding) to any issue around your sensuality
  • Find guidance and healing in the wisdom of Tantra
  • Understand yourself and your partner better
  • Learn techniques that you can implement into your own life and sensual practice
  • Learn techniques to connect with yourself and your partner on a deeper level