Learn the Art of Tantra Massage (for couples)

Treat yourself and your loved one to a series of customized Waves Tantra Massage lessons.
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I love to share this wonderful world of Tantra and Tantra Massage with couples. Tantra can expand and deepen the way you connect with each other and open new pathways into a more authentic connection, love, pleasure, peace and ecstasy:

Learn about the polarities of giving and receiving

Learn how to relax deeply into your own sensual energy

Learn how to help each other heal from past trauma & sexual tension

Expand and explore new realms of sensual awareness

Learn how to experience and facilitate “Energy Orgasms” for yourself and your partner

Learn more about the Chakras (energy centers in your body)

Learn new ways of connecting and relaxing with your partner

To really learn the Art of an Authentic Tantra Massage, you need to give yourself and your partner some time and commitment to expand your sensual world. Gifting this to yourselves can be incredibly enriching to your relationship.

Below are some suggested “Packages” offering a series of sessions at a reduced rate:


A Taste of Tantra Massage for couples

2 individual 90 minutes sessions $800 (instead of $900)
1 couple session of 180 minutes $800 (Instead of $880)
Total Package $1600 (instead of $1780)

Waves Tantra Massage course for couples

3 couple sessions of 180 minutes $2400 (instead of 2640)

One day Couple Tantra Retreat:

This can be at my studio in Sausalito or a location of your choice. Travel expenses will be considered based on distance and travel time. I can come to your home or a luxurious hotel or airbnb of your choice.

There will be a 3 hour session in the morning and a 3 hour session in the afternoon with an hour brake around 2 pm for some refreshments.

$1600 (instead of $1760)

Depending on your location, we can meet at the privacy at your own home or you can come to my studio in South Marin.

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