Tantra – Awareness and Sensuality

If I would have to sum up my definition of Tantra and my practice in the most simplified way, I would say that it is bringing awareness, consciousness, light into your experience of your sensuality and sexuality. Meditation and sex, sex and meditation.

Awareness as such does not sound like anything too exiting. In essence it is something very simple, yet it is an incredible powerful and beautiful aspect of our human potential.

Awareness and Sensuality

What is the opposite of awareness? It’s being asleep, unconscious, not present, not aware. How good does sleepy and unconscious sex sound to you? Hmm, not very appealing I would say. However, I think that very few people on this earth ever make the effort to introduce awareness to their sensuality and sex-life, let alone have a concept of that being a possibility. In my opinion that mostly stems from a global belief that sex is something shameful. And something shameful should not be looked at with awareness but kept hidden in the dark, right?

So let’s turn on the light, shall we? Let’s bring awareness to all aspects of your sensuality:

How does your body feel when it is being touched in various places? All places from head to toe.
Are you generally aware of your body throughout the day or is that thing dangling below your head that gets you from place to place?
What places in your body do you have the least awareness of? Just a quick hint: maybe all around your groin area …… ?
When you direct your awareness to your genitals, how do you feel? What sensations, emotions and thoughts come up for you?
Can you simply feel your genitals and be present in this area of your body? Or do you feel that you need to “do something” when you become aroused?
Do you feel relaxed in your genitals when you experience arousal or is there a sense of tension or emotions that come up in conjunction with your arousal?
Do you feel present when you are in the act of making love or when you are aroused? Or does it bring up a lot of emotions such as fear, shame, guilt, need, insecurity, anger, resentment or indifference?
Do you feel received by your partner and are you able to fully receive your partner in the act of making love?
Are you aware of all your senses, such as sounds, smells, taste, touch and vision?
I would say that awareness is the number one ingredient to a more fulfilled and ecstatic sensual life, which will then lead to a more fulfilled and ecstatic life itself. Awareness creates presence and presence and acceptance will create healing.

I look forward to help you bring more light and awareness to you and all aspects of your sensuality; it’s what I do.

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