Tantra Coaching

Tantra has a lot of powerful tools to offer to you and your partner to deepen, expand and heal your relationship with yourself and others.

Tantra is Healing more so than it is Therapy. Tantra accepts and embraces all that you are, all your expressions and colors as a human being. Tantra does not suppress sexuality; it explores and celebrates it.

Furthermore, Tantra offers valuable insights into your relationship dynamics, the play between Yin and Yang, giving and receiving and any issues around self-love and the relationship with your body and your sexuality.

Modern day Tantra, also referred to as Neo-Tantra includes western modalities of emotional release work, breathwork and trauma healing.

Due to social and religious upbringing we tend to have restrictive beliefs and conditioning clouding our natural sensual selves. But sexuality plays an important role in our intimate relationships, in our lives and how we feel about ourselves.

And with time, we often experience our sex life to become less exciting and maybe less frequent when we are in a committed relationship. Tantra can offer you new ways of connecting and celebrating your sexuality weather you are in a relationship or single. Tantra can bring more bliss and ecstasy into your (sex) life and your relationship.

Find a deeper and more expanded embodiment within yourself, your body.

Understand your emotional patterns.

Understand patterns and dynamics in your relationship.

Explore Yin & Yang aspects of yourself and how they manifest in your relationship.

Explore and understand female energy versus male energy.

Explore the flow of your energy and discover where your energy is blocked.

Explore how energy is exchanged in your relationship.

Explore what it means to receive and what it means to give.

Bring more awareness and presence to your senses.

Experience a deeper sense of connection and bliss within yourself and in your relationship.

Find a deeper state of presence within yourself and with others.

Coaching sessions can take place in person or via zoom.

Time Zoom In person Individual In person couple
60 minutes $300 not available not available
75 minutes $350 $400 not available
90 minutes $400 $450 $540
120 minutes $500 $580 $700
Payments are accepted in cash, paypal, venmo or apple pay.